Scalable to your needs, low maintenance and perfect for the treatment of difficult effluents and legacy contamination issues.

How it works:

Ray is a passive system, that works when you need it and can be completely shut down when you don't. By combining heat and the UV spectrum, Ray breaks down organics at the molecular level, with adjustable flow-rates that will help to meet all regulatory requirements.

Designed to be an equipment-based approach, Ray is highly movable with minimal in-ground infrastructure. It can be scaled to meet site requirements or grow with process needs.

Engineered to survive in the harshest of environments, Ray is durable. The lens has an effective life of a minimum of 20 years. The system is designed to show in snow or high winds. We can provide annual maintenance contracts and technical expertise to ensure Ray is adequately treating your effluent streams.

Affordable, Scalable and 3rd Party Tested:

Ray tracks the sun and feeds fluids or soils into the reaction chamber. It is here where the material is subjected to concentrated sunlight from the lens, delivering as much as 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and 7600 WM2 of ultraviolet energy.

Ray is capable of disassociating high impact contaminants, such as cyanide, glycols, high BOD content effluents, hydrocarbons, coliform and other organic based contaminants.

In addition, a separate receiver option allows Ray to handle solids, such as contaminated soils, medical waste or activating cement with virtually no emissions.


Max Heat 3000 F - 1649 C
3000 F - 1649 C 7,600 Watts Per Meter Squared
Throughput Variable depending on discharge requirements
Gross Weight 11,000 lbs
Lens Diameter 40 ft.
Total Height 52 ft.
Base Area 400 square feet
Power 220 service or optional PV system
*Based on 1000 WM2 available sunlight
Custom receiver configurations for solids or liquids
Tested on glycols, cyanide, coliform and high BOD
content effluent including brewery and winery waste. Applicable to TCE, pesticides and COD.
Engineered to survive the harshest conditions

Ray is the answer you have been looking for.