"Having reviewed [Focal Technologies Inc.] technology, we find it very interesting and much needed." - Oregon Dairy Farmers Association

  • Thousands of dairy and CAFO facilities are regulated for their waste discharge
  • Coliform and E-coli are contaminating rivers and streams
  • Farms face steep fines and potential shutdown for exceeding coliform limits
  • Land application of waste is limited and impacts soils
  • Existing technologies are expensive and complicated
  • No good, affordable solutions existed... Until Now.

The answer you have been looking for.

  • Solar remediation for animal waste
  • Two sizes specific farm size
  • 8 ft. diameter, ideal for under 200 head coliform/E.coli treatment
  • Can be run in series for larger herds/flow requirement or
  • 40 ft. diameter, Industrial scale for larger operations over 300
  • Can require no external energy inputs
  • Modular treatment system - portable
  • Compatible with other systems
  • Automated and self-sustaining
  • Sterilizes wastewater
  • Reduces nutrients
  • Kills bacteria
  • Virtually no ongoing cost of operation